New Social Network "The Digital School LIfe" Launched.

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Hi freinds. We all know Facebook is the most widely used social networking site today, but what's a market without competition.
 A new social networking site "Digital School Life" was  launched some days back, well as the name suggests this network    is made specially for school and college students. Now here's where facebook gets boring, fb has lot more fake profiles then the original one, But DSL has an advanced verification method to filter out fake profiles.
Because it's still; in its BETA Version, needs your full co-operation to make the final version of the site much much better then the world has today.

Super Special Features:

  • Call Any member of DSL using your cell phone, 5hours per user and you would'nt be charged.
  • Send free unlimited text sms to user's cell phones for FREE. And what makes it different is this service offers even FOREIGN SMS's for free which is not available in the working condition on ANY other site on the internet.
  • Send chat in your OWN HANDWRITING.

Super Features:

  • Specially for Teens.
  • Chat with ANYONE on the site, friend requests not needed to chat with anyone unless that user has turned off Universal Chat.
  • Play games with any person you are chating, and the loading time is atleast 5 times faster then facebook.
  • An all new Smiley collection

Sign Up at Digi School Life 

Copyrights and Administration:
This project was started in 2009, and after 3 years of hard-work this site is finally LIVE. Coded by Evan Derek and Vivek Murai. 
Evan Derek:
Vivek Murai:

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